Advice from Local Staging Experts


Perfectly Placed for You

Liz and Jan from Perfectly Placed for You, Staging and Redesign are well versed in the ROI of staging empty rooms. For close to a decade, the duo have done so to help homes sell more quickly and for more money.

Below, Liz and Jan show 3 ways staging an empty space adds value.

1. Staging An Empty Space Provides Scale

It seems counterintuitive, but an empty room actually looks smaller than its true size and most buyers have difficulty seeing how their furniture fits in the space. Staging gives your buyer something tangible for comparison. Seeing a sofa helps them envision whether theirs would fit and where else it could go in the room.


2. Staging An Empty Space Creates Warmth

Buying a home is an emotional process. When you use the right colors and the right furniture for the demographic you are trying to reach, the buyer instantly forms an emotional connection with the property. The room simply becomes a more inviting space.


3. Staging An Empty Space Reveals Function

The listing sheet may say 4 bedrooms, but closets shouldn’t be the only indicator. Use staging to reveal a room’s function, while still leaving a void that allows buyers to envision the room as their own.