Andover's Zach Ciampa's College & Business Story


Zach Ciampa Attends Suffolk University and Runs Electronic Music Licensing Company Haelphon

Zach Ciampa is BOTH a college student AND running a business. His company Haelphon develops and licenses electronic music.

Zach’s story is a mix of entrepreneurial DNA, hard work, passion, and some inspirational teachers.

Entrepreneurial DNA

Zach’s dad, Rob Ciampa, founded network-connectivity solutions company NetEffect during the tech boom, prompting a family move to Georgia. Rob is now the CEO of Massachusetts-based Business Catalytics and the Ciampa family lives in Andover today, having moved here when Zach was ending grade school.

Doherty Middle School Teacher Jeff Buckridge Made an Impact

Zach started piano lessons at age five in Georgia. He hated practicing and quit. He credits the music program at Andover’s Doherty Middle School and teacher Jeff Buckridge with igniting his passion for composing his own music.

He was taught how to put music together on a computer. He bought his own software and did it as a hobby for years.

Andover High School’s Music Production Course Fed His Passion for Composing

During Zach’s senior year at Andover High School, he took a music production elective where he started composing actual electronic music. He said that bringing in cool electives that appeal to student’s hobbies and passions opens up a lot of options for Andover kids.


Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School and Center for Entrepreneurship Exposing The Business Side

Zach is now honing his business and brand-building skills at Sawyer Business School and Center for Entrepreneurship at Suffolk University to take Haelphon to the next level.

A business collaboration with Boston-based Bright Rectangle Films showed him the potential for licensing his music to enhance the desired mood in videos. He sees the tangible business benefit of selling audio that makes people feel things and to set a mood. He currently has two large clients — one in Australia and one in Los Angeles — who license his music. He is now working on longer sets (up to three hours) to appeal to hotels and apartment buildings looking for the right soundtrack to enhance the visitor experience.

You can listen to more of Zach’s music on the Haelphon website.