Downtown Andover's La Mia Moda Boutique


Carribbean Born and New York City Trained


Born in the Dominican Republic, Luis Nunez brings the island's welcoming friendliness to his downtown Andover boutique. Founded in 2015, La Mia Moda Boutique has everything it takes to become a fashion mainstay in this north of Boston suburb.

Unique Boutique in the Heart of Downtown Andover


Fashion Options for a Wide Range of Discriminating Clientele

With a sharp eye for detail and fashion-forward focus, Luis continuously curates the most amazing fashion pieces from the best emerging designers in Europe and the Americas. His boutique delights a wide array of discriminating clientele — cosmopolitan parents visiting their children at nearby Phillips Academy, local women executives dressing for the boardroom, fashion-savvy moms, and anyone looking for high-quality, unique fashion options.